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.. Richmond Rose Society Lending Library

The following books are available upone request for loan to Richmond Rose Society members.

Title - Edition

Author Description

A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing & Displaying Roses - 1995

John Mattock, Jane Newdick, Neil Sutherland

A very basic, concise introduction to growing and displaying roses. Topics run the gamut from selection, planting, pruning and maintaining, and propagating roses. Excellent step-by-step instructions with photographs.

Right Rose Right Place - 2009

Peter Schneider

This book features short profiles of 359 roses and where they are best placed, in beds, borders,hedges, screens, containers, fences, trellises and more. Photographs of most of the roses are included as well as basic cultivation techniques.

Roses Revealed - 2006

Dermot O’Neill

O’Neill profiles his top 200 roses and their qualities such as scent, flowering habit, disease resistance, size and shade tolerance. Also includes basic rose care advice.

Ultimate Rose (American Rose Society)- 2000

Beth Smiley, Ray Rogers

A nice primer on rose classifications, over 400 photographs with emphasis on blooms vs. foliage. Short history of roses, discussion of growing techniques, and a section on flower arranging.

Taylor’s Guides - Roses - 2001

Nancy J. Ondra

A typical “field guide” manual with color plates in front referring to fairly thorough descriptions in the back. Covers over 380 roses.

Serious Gardener, Reliable Roses - 1997

Christine Utterback, Michael Ruggiero

From the experts at the New York Botanical Gardens, this little book is appropriate at the beginner’s  level. There are brief descriptions of about 80 recommended roses and and a listing of the top 10 recommended roses for each region in the U.S.

Old Fashioned and David Austin Roses - 2004

Barbara Lea Taylor

A beautiful little book with lush color photographs of “Once-flowering” and “Repeat-flowering” old-fashioned roses. Not heavy on cultivation information.

Roses for Dummies - 2nd Edition

Lance Walheim

You know the series of books for beginners in this format. There are only about 30 pages of color plates, but lots of drawings and diagrams.

Antiques Roses for the South - 1990

William C. Welch

This book is a little older but well worth a look see just for the lovely pictures of inspirational garden settings. The standard rose advice is included and there are nice sections on arranging roses and rose crafts.

David Austin’s English Roses - Glorious New Roses for American Gardens - Revised and Updated Edition

David Austin

Beautifully photographed and clearly written guide to David Austen’s “new-old” roses. Contains interesting tidbits about the parentage of many of Austin’s roses and the derivation of their names.

Roses - Sunset Books - 2003

Hazel White

A guide for those of beginner to moderate level rose knowledge which includes more that 390 recommended roses and how to select and cultivate them.

All About Roses - Ortho - 2007

Dr. Tommy Cairns

A good starter guide to everything rose related. There is a calendar of suggested month-by-month activities by hardiness zone.

Otherwise Normal People - Inside the Thorny World of Competitive Rose Gardening - 2007

Aurelia C. Scott

Scott follows self-professed Roseaholics as they plan, prepare, and compete in the annual national rose show, documenting how they celebrate the singular satisfaction of cultivating beauty--and, of course, the thrill of victory.

Roses Love Garlic : Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers - 1998

Louise Riotte

Riotte pairs up hundreds of herbs and flowers, with information on how their proximity can maximize the health and yield of both.

Growing Miniature Roses

Mardi Berkhouse Jones

Part of a series of how-to booklets which offer practical, hands-on instructions.

Easy Roses for North American Gardens - 1999

Thomas Cristopher

By selecting the proper rose for your climate and soil you can have excellent results with a minimum of care no matter where you live.

Best Rose Guide : A Comprehensive Selection - 2004

Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix

 Intoduces twenty-four categories of rose including Old Roses, Climbers, Shrubs and Modern Roses, Advice on selecting and growing, planting ideas, companion plants and care. Cross-references hardiness zones.

Growing Roses Organically : Your Guide to Creating an Easy-Care Garden Full of Fragrance and Beauty - 2002

Barbara Wilde

Contains an identification guide for more than 100 roses that are the best choices for organic gardening techniques, a month-by-month rose care calendar, and gardening information applicable to all U.S. climates.

Growing Miniature and Patio Roses - 1996

Dawn Eagle and Barry Eagle

Learn all the special touches that miniature and patio roses need, and in what ways they're hardier than the rest.

Miniature Roses : Their Care and Cultivation

Sean McCann

Practical advice on the care and cultivation of miniature rose. McCann lists his Top 100 Miniatures and tells you why he considers them to be so.

The Rose - 2001

Friedman-Fairfax Publishing Staff

A delightful book that's sure to delight rose lovers, be they gardeners looking for the perfect cultivar or connoisseurs who seek merely to revel in the rose's special charms. Includes verses in praise of the the queen of flowers by Shakespeare, Keats, Frost, and others.

Roses - 2007

Jerome Goutier

The Roses boxset features two volumes: the first,The Art of the Rose, provides an illustrated history of roses and their present-day uses, from their Chinese origins to the latest creations. The second volume,The Most Beautiful Roses, features 88 of the world's most exceptional roses, through photographs and text that covers the essentials: climatic and growing conditions, varietal characteristics, origins, and the symbolism related to the different rose varieties.




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